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Dr. Naveed Anwar, a Pakistani-born structural engineer and academician, is the Executive Director of AIT Solutions which is an international research and consulting organization established at the Asian Institute of Technology, (AIT) in Thailand. He is also working as the director of Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS), and an Affiliated Faculty at School of Engineering and Technology of AIT where he teaches MS and PhD level courses related to Structural/Earthquake Engineering. He is also responsible for the course coordination in Masters and PhD in Structural Engineering, and academic advisor for thesis work of research students at AIT.

Dr. Anwar holds an experience of over 35 years while completing hundreds of projects related to structural modeling, analysis and design of buildings and bridges, construction project management, structural health assessment, and other related areas. He has also conducted hundreds of professional trainings, workshops and seminars, attended by thousands of professionals in more than 20 countries. He is also the author of several international publications, journal articles and books in the field of Structural Engineering. He is also proficient in the development of computer software for structural engineering applications, including general structural analysis, earthquake resistant design, structural detailing, etc., and is the author of several software and computing tools. He has an over twenty years of extensive experience in the conception, planning, analysis, design and detailing of multistory buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, and industrial buildings in Pakistan, before finally associating with AIT in Thailand.

Dr. Naveed Anwar has remained a central figure in almost all of AIT’s initiatives and collaborations with Pakistani universities and organizations for over 20 years. He has been working in various capacities including coordinator and resource person for HEC, representative of AIT faculty and administration, and a prominent AIT alumnus from Pakistan etc. He is also the chairman of AIT – Pakistan Task Force, an initiative dealing with various academic and networking issues related to AIT’s collaboration with Pakistani universities, HEC and other organizations. Dr. Naveed Anwar also has key contributions and services for the well-being of Pakistani students and community at AIT, as the Patron–in–Chief of Pakistan Students Associate (PSA), which is a student representative body of Pakistani students at AIT. Beside academic services, he also has various initiatives on his credit for promoting and highlighting Pakistani culture and art in Thailand. These include photography and cultural exhibitions, organizing Pakistan resolution day and Independence Day celebrations, and involving Pakistani community in Thailand, specially coordinating with the Thai-Pakistan Association, and Thai-Pakistan Chamber of commerce with AIT. His work as an educator, an author, and a promoter of positive and progressive image of Pakistan, is continuing.