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Smart Systems for Smart Structures, January 2017
Consequence-based Engineering Approach towards Earthquake Disaster Mitigation, January 2016
Performance-based Design: An Approach towards Safer, Reliable Structure, February 2015
Increasing Disaster Resilience for Nepal’s School Sector, February 2015
Challenges of a Single-Layer Reticulated Inverted Monk Bowl Dome, September 2015
Developing Interactive, Computer-based Learning Tools for Civil Engineering Students, January 2013
Integrating Environmental Sustainability and Disaster Resilience in Building Codes, January 2013
Different Techniques for the Modeling of Post-tensioned Concrete Box-Girder Bridges, April 2010
Modeling and Analysis of Masonry Structures, June 2008
The Impact and Future Role of Computations and Software in Bridge Modeling, Analysis, and Design, August 2007
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Truss Models for Concrete Member Design Part I, February 2005 
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