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A Pakistani-born structural engineer and academician, currently working as Executive Director of AIT Solutions, and as an Affiliated Faculty in Structural Engineering at School of Engineering and Technology of Asian Institute of Technology, (AIT) in Thailand. He is also the Director of Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS), and heads the Habitech Building Technology Center at AIT.

In over 35 years of professional engagement, Dr. Anwar has the unique opportunity to work in a very broad spectrum of the Civil/Structural Engineering knowledge cycle, in teaching of graduate programs, post graduate research supervision, publications, development of tools and technologies for application, training and capacity building of professional engineers, and direct engagement in hundreds of international projects, all of which feeding back into the teaching, research and development. All of this is done in a truly international setting, spanning over twenty countries, under the umbrella of one the top international universities in the world.

Dr. Anwar has been invited as keynote speaker in numerous international conferences, has authored over one hundred publications including books, conferences papers, journal papers and magazine articles and reports. He has supervised/co-supervised more than 50 MS and PhD research thesis and taught four academic courses for MS program in structural engineering.

He has been the key presenter/resource person in over 100 capacity building seminars, workshops, training programs conducted in more than 10 countries and attended by thousands of engineers, in collaboration with several academic and professional institutions.

During twenty-three years of work in AIT in various capacity, he has headed and participated in several important initiatives, including the establishment of ACECOMS, AIT Solution, iLab, managing collaboration between AIT and HEC Pakistan, capacity building projects in Afghanistan, task forces on professional programs, campus management, development of AIT Share platform for online and hybrid education.

He has been engaged as specialist by ADB, World Bank, UNESCAP, UNESCO and has been part of the team at California based Computers and Structures Inc.,

His expertise and interest include finite element modeling and applications, advanced concrete design, integration of emerging technologies into structural engineering, a leading position in performance-based design of tall buildings, design and evaluation of bridges, innovations in building technology, Iot, machine learning, mobile computing etc.