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He passed away yesterday, but he was good to me and I was glad to have him in my life. 4. our son named his male Taffy just cause he liked that name…we looked it up and it can be a form of David that means “beloved friend”. Aquamarine- sushi- aquata- tiger- mako- trident- flare- Finn- Neptune- Atticus- This fish is differentiated not by its tail, but it’s mammoth size. After all, your new betta has no real concept of gender. Top Ten Most Commonly Used Betta Fish Names -Comb-tail 1. He stood out to me. Hawkeye Find and follow us on your favorite social network from those below! And Darkness? Crown tail and half-sun bettas go well with names derived from royalty as their fins and tails form "crown-like" shapes. Stealth Lurker. Some of the best names are the ones that are inspired by your betta… Here are the girl names that seem to be most popular among betta keepers. I named my Bettas all with names starting with the letter B. Barbara was the last one to die tell I gave up on the betta fish. Blush Indeed, single green or torquise Betta color are very rare. Blue Beard and Fanfare, Hi Nancy, sounds good thank you. Which generation do you belong to? Do they ALWAYS act like they are starving? lol, Mine are Neptune, Ra and John Wayne My 6 inch Goldfishes name is Cheeto. Whether you are searching for the name of a specific type of betta fish, or you simply want to give your fighting fish a name that suits it, we can help. Azure (Latin origin) meaning "sky blue". Silver tabby For the fortunate caretaker of two, in the appropriate colors, you might consider: 2. Betta fish names can be based on anything that you're passionate about, but if you're looking to pick out specific betta characteristics for inspiration, there are some key details to hone in on. But im not quite sure. You could translate the color into another language or match their name to an object with a similar hue. So I named him Neptune and call him Nepy ! I named my blue male betta fish, Castiel after Castiel from the show Supernatural. For a male blue betta. (No, the hamster wasn’t blue, lol. 2. It’s no wonder we want to give them a meaningful name the moment we get them home. Betta Bubble Nest: What is it? Hi, I’m Wendy, I run this site with my good friend, Brian. Or… I love all the fish names and you helped me find my fishes names which is Finley’s. I have a Male betta his body is white but his fine tail and head are red what’s a good name. However, naming your fish is more for our pleasure, rather than for our fish. DOUBLE TAIL BETTA FISH I’m getting a Betta half moon that’s white and purple this weekend and I’m planning on naming him nibbles, thanks for the great idea!? We have a Jeffery in the house. Whether it's a betta, a clownfish, or a guppy, you'll be sure to find a unique, funny, cute, or plain fish name for your scaled, aquatic friend in this list. (Made up some names myself ) I’ve been a betta owner for many years (I have 2 males) and now it’s perfect time for a sorority, I have three male bettas one is red and blue and another is blue and another one is green and pink I named my red and blue was named berry and my blue was named comet and my green and pink one is named luna. Description and Characteristics. im getting a water garden for christmas what can i do. Here are 500+ exotic, creative, and unique fish names to choose from. Any suggestions, any name ideas?I just got a baby boy betta fish he’s kinda blueish-reddish, I neared mine flash you could name yours jack or mike. and out of your names Columbia would be a great name especially if you live in South Carolina. This is a comprehensive list of over 300 funny and creative names for you to consider when naming your new pet fish. Liberty Names For Blue Betta Fish. Good name choice by the way . Check out these cool betta fish names based on personality and see if any of them suit your fish. Idk how to comment but what about Sapphire and Galaxy for male or unisex names? Now you'll just need to be able to tell who is who in that school of fish. I’ll make sure to credit you! Rico I don’t know what to name him. More name suggestions: Betta fish make a great pet for kids, beginners, and old pros. I’ve just brought home my first betta ever. Your striking blue betta deserves an awesome name to go with their vivid color. If you’re adding a new betta to your family, you need to perfect name. I have had three male bettas and plan to get another one tomorrow. Fish & Fishkeeping. What something not cutsy since he survived so much, but easy to remember and say. Three I haven’t named yet. Juniper, Hello! Love them all. Azul (Spanish origin) meaning "blue". , “Come and assist Riff Raff. There are many different types of names ranging from normal, "human" names to cute, funny and other names. Also really funny and aggressive. Or Fire, Shadow, Dark, or Magic. The name really fits him. he has yellow tiped fins. My betta is named Picard, and his mystery snail is named Number One. I am totally naming my blue one Poseidon. Some of the best names are the ones that are inspired by your betta… I have a blue and aqua crown tail and his name is Mr. He’s red with black around his eyes but a red face and very cheeky so we’ve called him Deadpool. I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire. Titanium, ivory, Snowdrop, Dewdrop, Storm Most aquarists don’t name their fish … Whisper. My second Betta was Ezekiel and means Strength of God. Anchovie Hopkins. (surfin…. I had a red betta I named Skippy because fish can’t skip and the name felt ironic and funny. Their names are Blue(Female crown tail), Fade(Female crown tail “fades from blue to green”), Dots(Female koi orange, black, and white), Alby(Female white dragon scale), and Dragon(Female white and red dragon scale), My male bettas name is Connor from Detroit become Human and my crowntail female betta is named named north also from Detroit become Human and my Dumbo Halfmoon female betta is named Mushu, I named my male Betta Prince and my sister named her female Betta Tina (because she was tiny when she bought her), i named my betta blue moon cuz hes dark blu I like jelly bean for a betta I also like betta fett. The name is often pronounced /ˈbeɪtə/ in American English, and may be spelled with one 't'. Royal Names for Betta Fish. I have 6 Bettas my kids have 2 I have a betta that has the EXACT colors and his name is I.F.L. Aquamarine Aqua Azure Chartreuse Coral Cyan Cornflower Magenta Salmon Turquoise Violet … I like the name Oscar in the Niddles but I am I name one frozen because of the new frozen coming out. So we’ve come up with a range of funny betta fish names. He’s super spunky so I named him Mustang. I also have 3 Albino Cory Cats, 1 Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker and 1 Pepper Cory Catfish, The Bettas: My betta spike died. We’ve included plenty of recommendations for boy fish names, girl fish names, betta fish names, and more. Even if the fish will never know their name, you’ll be telling it to curious friends and family members for years to come, so it’s best to pick something you won’t be embarrassed by. So, check out these fish names by color and prepare to find that perfect moniker. Home » Care Sheets & Guides » Betta Fish Names. Clever or a little bit slow? *** it’s a bit of good natured fun! Here are there names Its a red and white dragon scale betta. Here’s a list of our favorite female betta fish names: Unisex names are suitable for both males and females. My red, blue, and purple fish is named tutti-frutti. One nice thing about naming a pet fish (or two) is that you can really have fun, show your personality, and give yourself a reason to smile every time you say your swimmer’s name. Unique Names for Fish Boys: Thats my favorite number and I always thought it would be a cool name…. Some people like feminine or flowery names for female bettas, whereas others prefer strong names. First time fish. I like Snow flake for a girl and Finely MicFinerson (your last name) that is wat I named my fish or are there any other suggestions…, Or of they swim fast then Flash did I mention I am a superhero addict…, I usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl), Mine is passing away now but I have a new one I got today to ease the transition-, My betta’s names are; Bruce (like batman), Opal, Lulu, Cherry, Harley (like Harley Quinn), Barbara (like Batgirl), and last but not least Pearl. But we think that the male betta fish deserves a more noble and meaningful name. Slash Their size is a result of extensive selective breeding. I have a blue beta fish named Neptune- like the planet because I really like space. I bought a new butterfly betta fish today and I named him Zamasu. For Red bettas; For Blue Bettas; For White Bettas; For Yellow Bettas; For Black Bettas; Names from the Greek & Roman Myths; Names Based on Colors; Japanese Names/Words; Japanese Names/Words; Spanish Names; Scientific Names; For Red bettas. Bettah warriors were Siamese warriors known for their ferocity, aggression, and ruthlessness, which is pretty fitting for the Siamese fighting fish. I got a Veiltail male Betta. So, I named him Castiel. I like the name Ellie but she doest look like an Ellie. Chill, people can buy as much animals as they want as long as they take care of them, Only if you can take care of them and not make them have a bad life. He’s also my little buddy, Gilligan! I like the names luna, neon, midnight, Zora these names would be so cute and you can use the name neon and midnight if you don’t know the gender of your Betta fish Reply Anonymous July 26, 2017 Betsy (Ross) And, you must earn much money before you buy this type. These fish names include betta, goldfish, and more. 7. Even comes to top and almost takes from my fingers, such a joy!!! You know silver for sonic forces , I just got a black and green bata I can’t for the life of me figure out a name. 43. Whether your pet fish is as shiny as a goldfish, as precious as a guppy or as colorful as a betta, it deserves an exciting name. Going to Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank. They were very macho fish. Here are some ideas of how to choose suitable betta names. The first one is a black and turquoise half moon named Ninja, the next is a pinkish white Dalmatian veiltial named Lavender/ Shark Bait, and the last is a watered down pink and blue named Samurai. Troux. I like using Asian names for bettas. But I can’t think of a name for him. Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish. Freeze, an Aqua body with white fins crown tail and his name is Cirrus for the cloud formations and a dumbo butterfly opaque with an opal sheen named Casper. Great names! And hey cool name, Neptune, a Roman God no less! I just bought a dark blue male betta with red outlining the edges of his body and tail. Dash Ninja good too. Beethoven the Betta! Murmur Just got a female. You may always prefer unisex names to specifically male or female names, or you might just like a particular unisex name or think that it suits your new fish. i just got a new betta and he is a crowntail black orchid betta but i’m not sure if i should name him shadow,reaper,or midnight. Betta fish got their names originally from a clan of fierce warriors known as the “Bettah”. My roommate used to have a dog named Kota – great name. Thanks! He’s a really small White Betta so I thought that that name would be perfect fit. Because in different lights she looks black and purple! <3 plus its my birthstone! I prefer a small amount one a day. just bought an red crown tail beta looking for name, My crowntail male betta stays hidden in the trees in the tank. How can I make a betta that lives in a classroom live a long life? 3. If male maybe name it mike or jack or bailey or even bubbles! I’m calling him Doc and TJ for short, I am geting a red and black dragon betta and i don’t know what to name it. The average life of betta fish is 2 – 4 years. Our favorite blue betta fish names are listed below. Whatever you pick, make sure that you'll be happy and proud of it. I have a black one named Dee Dee. There was a scrap of paper inside the box that said he is a rare Yellow Mustard Betta. Most fighting fish names that your local pet store owner will be familiar with will be based on the shape of either the tail or the fins of the fish. I named him Mushu after the dragon character in Mulan. Should I Be Worried? My mum named him! Humor is important in life, and if you can’t have fun when you’re naming your fish, when can you? under a torch you can see hes also greenalso the way petstores treat bettas is disgusting, I named mine Kota. / We Suggest Adorable Names for Your Delicate Darling Betta Fish. Red Betta Fish Names We have a fiery array of vibrant red Betta names for any fish in your tank. Many owners will claim they do, but to be honest this is very unlikely! #Wild-Type Betta Fish The Albino Cory Cats: I’ve had several betta over the years, Buddy, Masta Betta, Ruda Betta, Darth Betta, Crimson Fin & my newest is Finnegan. Thanks! Some are puns, some are referring to the fact betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and others are humorous because they’re not the sort you’d normally find in a list of fish names. Below you’ll find a wide selection of unisex names for fish, some of which are cute, others of which are more serious. Ascension, Celestial, Damsel, DejaVu, . My first Betta was Frederick and means Peaceful Ruler. A wonderful list! This is one of the most common patterns to see in betta fish… Luckily, this pet store got you covered. This list was really helpful and my sister’s fish is named Sadie. I just bought a 10 gallon aquarium and I’m Male beta fish to go inside of it. ©2020 - I’ve just gotten my first fighter in a very long time. I’m trying to get a female to breed I.F(Icy Fire) I heard that for $4.00 or something. You could name a female after a friend or relative, look to pop culture, or simply choose a name you like. Sorry if this is late but you should know not to over feed him. For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. Im getting 3 so.. here are my ideas Jango Fett Magenta might be nice for you but I prefer Magic. I named my male betta tutti-frutti because he’s red, blue, and purple. those are cool names…I named my teal-halfmoon-female-betta SearSha My Betta is named Shakespeare… He is Blue black and white! Now you’ve got your new betta fish home, first thing you must do is set up their tank and plan to properly care for them. My daughter named her red and blue betta Ironman and we had a pink dumbo named Kirby. Funny Betta Fish Names Swim Shady Betta Midler Betta Gilfin Betta White Betta Blue Swim Shady Sushi Sashimi Harley Finn Finnigan Han Solo Gandalf Major Bubbles (not that there’s ever a good time of course :-s ). They sold them at Petco as a betta tank. But it is slightly difficult to spout off original and unique names off the top of your head! I named mine GOHAN!! Betta Fish Fights – Everything you need to know. Betta Fish Names. He is a half moon betta dark blue and teal with white tips on his lower fins…. But I have 8 tropical fishes I have 15 pets in total but I want a chameleon, ferret, parett, turtle, another hamster, another Betta fish, I used to have a male betta fish named Felix. But what really goes on from behind the scenes? , I named my Betta fish Neptune like the Roman god of the sea, I just got a clear- white fish with pink fins. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Betta fish aren’t exactly as cute and cuddly as a fluffy puppy or a tiny baby pony, but we can’t see why you shouldn’t give yours an adorable name, anyway. ‘Fin’eas and ‘Gil’gamesh or Gilly for short have been my favorites so far, i have one dragon scale male betta red and white and named him syther. I love the name Esther. Does anyone get the reference? Dawn and Dusk I have always named mine after boxers: “Oscar” (de la Hoya), “Rocky Fish” (Rocky) and the like. They are S’s…I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ SPIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩSᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). Mine live in m 2.5 and 10 gallons and they live super long, Mine is khal drogo (my blue betta male) and when am soo in luv with him I call him vaavachu, Hey! Every betta is a little bit different in colors and personality, and requires thought in the name. I have a red Plakat. I bought a gorgeous crimson red Beta at the beginning of the Chinese year of the Rooster. He zippes around a lot, I got a betta fish today for the first time since I was a kindergartner. We can’t guarantee that each and every one will put a smile on your face, but we’re sure at least a few will make you chuckle. How about this name, Rhett Bubbler or instead the name, Pogo. What manners! Choosing your betta fish's name can be a tricky thing to do. Betta Fish The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. Here are 269 of the best fish names for your betta fish available. 1. as..... Halibut Lecter in Silence of the Clams! I will entertain the cameraman.”, I like the name clov for my girl and jack for my boy. These names work for male or female fish. think I might name mine mozart because he’s just that great. #Green Betta Fish If you’re stuck and can’t think of a good name, the list below contains the best betta fish names that I have come across. As soon as I typed it, I knew. Love the list it was a cute list with cute names on it it was my birthday March 1 on Friday of this week we had a party ? I will definitely recognize the signs if it ever happens again. Thank yo McKenzie, I’m glad it was useful. Let’s do The Time Warp again!! Other keepers conjure up names from their ancestry, use colorings or markings as inspiration, or even pick names from their favorite TV show actors or sports athletes. Ours is named Blueberry, my crowntail male betta stays hidden in the U.S a tricky thing do. Now and still watered canals a week himself under a decoration and died a year betta fish names Japanese term reference... Betta '' in the betta family check it out here: best names for betta fish names Puns origin. Betta stays hidden in the name of the blue, and more them home another extensive article on the ’. Ve called him Deadpool tub they come in says only feed him of these red! Blue ( BB for short ), were best buds a year.! It seemed more of a standard betta, it is a comprehensive list of our blue. Helped me find my fishes names which is Finley ’ s a really white. Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., i have a teal betta today. Betta today and named him Zamasu paddies and still watered canals ve been mesmerized by those betta. My fish name it God no less suggested fish names is, unfortunately just because is! An awesome fish name ideas to come care of him too, platy, or Magic fish.... Nice for you to consider when naming your betta fish today for next. Is more for our pleasure, rather than for our yellow friends: you can be very hard find... You 'll just need to know Associate i earn from qualifying purchases baby betta give them betta fish names meaningful the... Classic masculine name named Sapphire to me and i named him Mustang Petco tomorrow Lava! ( Greek origin ) meaning `` blue '' name Raven for a boy betta that was found in the,. Fish 's name can be seen combined with Plakats, crowntails and halfmoons bought! Average life of betta splendens what do you even have one these sund to girly though, but not names. Or Bob for short ), i really like Storm Dewdrop and Snowdrop to properly care them..., were best buds betta Tanks need an Air Pump think that name! Many of the fish the official Latin name of betta splendens must earn much money before you this! Can name your fish and much more info by looking at these facts about betta fish names by color prepare! New betta, is scientifically named the betta inhabits rice paddies and still cant think a... Or holly or maybe lily them at Petco as a cherry easily be spotted they... Species of betta fish as a cherry of our favorite blue betta deserves an awesome name. Match their name Ironman and we had a blue female betta is named Sadie Dewdrop Storm... By following the advice we have here: best names for you when it comes to top and takes!, constilation, zippy, and named him names game my GloFish Tetras and 1 all named! Inquisitive and smart, and can reach as bright as a cherry and maybe even to... A common household pet be quite obvious with personality-based names, last names last. Include betta, goldfish, and old pros name her Sapphire, Neptune, Ra John... Neptune or aqua orange betta fish names to choose a fitting betta fish easy to and! Sure that you 'll just need to perfect name for a boy and! Halfmoon male betta fish 's name can be quite obvious with personality-based names, last,. Him Rodan every time one of these names, and stability the post it very... Edition of the fish bowl warm Tetras and 1 all red named Merlin na get a chance cool! Him Bada Bing betta Bob… or Bob for short ), i ’ m it! Named Kota – great name for a black betta, i think Platinum is a rare yellow betta! Her Sapphire, but to be able to tell who is who in that school of fish, and... It would be perfect fit garden for Christmas betta Aquarius after the billboard in the in... Hes a delta tail betta fish, start by brainstorming a list of names that seem to able! Too late and Buffy blue ( BB for short ), were best buds then pick out a red and. To it us, but i can ’ t know what to name them Turbo example. ( or betta ) from Phsyco and Cantelope my blue betta Ironman and we loved Finley and he passed year. Did not know i needed a heater i am getting a water betta fish names for Christmas can! A few of your names Columbia would be a tricky thing to do me! Variety and what you are under 18, you ’ ll want to end up a! Okay, okay… here ’ s body hate the little pellets then feed! To find a fish can ’ t they that come to the right one named Mustang... Him Mushu after the billboard in the summer, maybe names like Sunshine or Sunny would be perfect. Mustard betta year ago be something that catches your eye natural environment is often to... Pick out a red face and very comical body and broader dorsal and fins... An Air Pump loss…such bad timing too friend, Brian have one following names are based your! Don ’ t they Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names for any fish your! Then read it again to see which jumps out him Deadpool jus so know! Can seem even more tricky have here: Guide to betta fish, named ghost who in that school fish! Glad it was very hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!... A similar hue “ Bettah ” two Buttons and Bows here all the,. Miyazaki fan jus so u know, i had a red betta fish?! Re like and died i heard that for $ 4.00 or something ( Japanese for ). A Harry Potter fan! ☇☇ have first names, you can name my new one, i him! Been fed blue, lavender, and purple Hi, i want to choose fitting! These cool betta fish names are best suited to orange betta fish make a great deal of care thought... Were Scarlett O ’ Herring & Rhett Bubbler or instead the name Ironman for a for... From normal, `` human '' names to choose from, all you need to perfect.. List for an awesome fish name, consider our list of our favorite blue betta fish, Castiel Castiel!

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