With over forty years of extensive experience, Dr. Naveed has worked on more than 500 projects including conception, planning, analysis, design and detailing of multistory buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, industrial buildings, and special structures.

  1. Planning, design and design review of many special problems including strength evaluation of existing buildings and bridges, design of transmission towers, large diameter deep piles, cold formed structures etc.
  2. Design and design review of more than 200 tall buildings, with special focus on performance-based design, structural retrofitting, and strength evaluation, in several countries.
  3. Planning, design and design review, failure investigations of numerous bridges and highway structures in several countries.
  4. Planning and design of several underground and elevated tanks, and reservoirs.
  5. Planning and design of industrial buildings in concrete shells, steel trusses, steel frames, and special structural systems
  6. Development of national strategy for Safe Schools in Nepal, and buildings codes in Myanmar and the Philippines,
  7. Evaluation of several civil engineering projects on behalf of ADB in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Laos, Tajikistan, Philippines, Timor Leste, etc.
  8. Managing capacity building programs for university faculty in Afghanistan for ADB and World bank funded programs


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