Taught several graduate-level courses in Structural Engineering program at Asian Institute of Technology for nearly twenty years.

  • Structural Design of Tall Buildings
  • Structural Design of Bridges
  • Advanced Concrete Structures
  • Design of Steel Structures


Supervised more than 60 postgraduate theses, on various structural engineering domains such as performance-based design, structural modeling and analysis, structural system selection, seismic response of high rise structures, seismic performance of structural components, design of bridges and bridge components and new trends and technologies in structural engineering.

Performance Based Design
1. The Seismic Performance of High-Rise Buildings Designed Using Various Codes in High Seismic Zone
2. Seismic Performance of Mid-Rise Buildings Designed using Various Codes in High Seismic Zones
3. Performance Based Design of 56-Story Building for High Wind Zone

Structural Modeling and Analysis
1. Extraction of Strut-and-Tie Models from Finite Element Analysis Using Shell Elements
2. Development of a Fiber Modeling and Analysis Framework for Complex Composite Cross-sections
3. Implementation of New Constitutive Relations for Shear-Flexure Interaction for Cyclic Response of SQUAT RC Walls
4. Effective Modeling of Shear Walls in High Rise Buildings for Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis
5. Applicability of Enhanced Pushover Analysis Methods Considering Higher-Mode Effect for Tall Buildings
6. Effect of Concrete Confinement on the Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Shear Walls using Layered Shell Element
7. Effects of Soil-Structure Interaction on Seismic Responses of Tall Buildings

Seismic Response of High Rise Structures
1. Seismic Retrofitting of Mid-Rise Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with a Soft/Weak First Story using Buckling Restrained Braces
2. Effect of Buildings Plan Curvature and Diaphragm Modeling on Lateral Response of Tall Building
3. Effects of Opening Configurations on Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Reinforced Concrete Walls
4. Effect of Connecting Bridge on Seismic Response of Tall Buildings
5. Seismic Performance of Dual Concrete Buildings with Multiple Underground Structures
6. Impact of reinforcement over design of seismic performance of RC buildings
7. Seismic Fragility Analysis of High Rise Structures
8. The Effect of Ground Motion Selection Procedure and Hazard Spectra on Design Seismic Demand of Near+-Fault Tall Buildings
9. Seismic Performance of Hybrid Concrete Steel Structural System Building
10. Effect of Design Wind Level on the Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings
11. Application of Linear Time History Analysis in Code-Based Design of Tall Building Instead Of Response Spectrum Analysis
12. Effect of Common Podium on the Seismic Performance of Two Equal High-Rise Towers
13. Effect of Common Podium on Seismic Performance of Two Unequal Height Towers

Seismic Performance of Structural Components
1. Effects of Plan-Eccentric Infill Walls Configuration on 3D Nonlinear Response of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings
2. Design of Transfer Girder Systems for Seismic Effects in Tall Building
3. Effects of Zone Based Detailing on Performance of Shear Walls
4. Seismic Performance of Masonry School Buildings Retrofitted with RC Jacket and Splint-Bandage
5. Lateral Response of Nominally Reinforced Masonry Wall Made of Interlocking Compressed Earth Block Subjected to Cyclic Load
6. Development of Procedure for Improving the Design of Pre-stressed Concrete Poles Using Confinement
7. Flag Wall Systems to Improve the Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings
8. Progressive Collapse Potential Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Mid- Rise Building due to a Column Failure

New Trends and Technologies
1. Structural System Selection for Tall Buildings on Rich Picture Concept and Analytical Hierarchy Process
2. Appropriate Structural System Selection for Buildings in Afghanistan
3. Use of Cloud Computing and Mobile Platforms for Development of Structural Engineering Applications
4. Heuristic Tools for Preliminary Design and Response Prediction of Tall Buildings

Design of Bridges and Bridge Components
1. Effective Modelling of Bridge Abutments for Nonlinear Static Analysis
2. Comparison of Seismic Performance of a Conventional Bridge System in Afghanistan
3. Optimum Span Length for a PC I Girder Expressway Bridge

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